With January morphing into February, I can see the light at the end of my First Draft of The Coming of Beth, the second Minnow Saint James metaphysical novel.

Minn’s first full-length adventure took readers step-by-step through a soul’s journey from its passing in one physical lifetime, into its development and growth in the realm of Spirit, and then back into a new physical body for a fresh earth incarnation, learning new lessons..

The Coming of Beth explores mew territory: the metaphysical subjects of Spiritual Channeling and Poltergeists. Of course, the novel also continues the story of Minn’s personal journey, including a new romance, an HBO-TV series, based upon his best selling book, and a second Number One New York Times Nonfiction Best Seller.

It now looks as if I’ll be ready to show the manuscript to my MLR Press Editor, Kelly Anderson, before this shortest of months ends. Kelly is a remarkable editor, reigning in my excesses, as well as pointing out where characters and scenes require more development than I have given them.

I started working on The Coming of Beth, one year ago, January. But the novel hasn’t been a full-time endeavor. Across the last year, I have also written and had published thirty-something entertainment and lifestyle articles, as well as A Frame of Reference Christmas, a holiday themed short story, available at amazon, or right here: https://mlrbooks.com/Bookstore.php?bookid=CS_AFORC

With a little bit of luck, The Coming of Beth will be published in the second or third quarter of this year.