Short Stories

By Christopher Stone


Magic, metaphysics, and music coalesce in this spine-tingling short story about a storefront gypsy psychic who makes a blood-curdling prediction that comes true even before her client makes it home.

You won’t want to be home alone when reading this spooky story.

A Frame of Reference Christmas

But sometimes the breadth and depth of a father’s love can even surprises the loving parent.After making his lifelong dream of television stardom come true, young Grant Jackson loses everything amid a media scandal. It’s like his mother once told him: “You can have anything you want in life. You just can’t control the price.

Returning for Christmas to the small, agricultural town in which he was raised, Grant is unsure what price he will pay for his fall from grace with his family and childhood friends.Despite some early yuletide wrinkles, in the end, Grant Jackson is the recipient of a real Christmas miracle – and from the unlikeliest of sources.

Shaking the Holiday Blues Away

Taking place in both 21st Century Hermosa Beach, California, and Bronx, New York, of the 1920s, this eerie time-warp Christmas story introduces readers to past life regression therapist, Dr. Minnow Saint James.

In his first appearance, Minn uses past life regression therapy to discover the origin of the debilitating annual holiday blues that threaten his patient’s marriage, and his strong desire for fatherhood.

Shaking the Holiday Blues Away

Sweet Homo, Alabama

Living as a gay celebrity in West Hollywood is one thing. Going home for the holidays to small-town Alabama, and coming out to your conservative parents is quite another. But that is exactly what Cameron Cody does when he leaves Hollywood for Enterprise.

What should be the most wonderful time of the year quickly morphs into a blue Christmas for Cam and his parents, when his shocking revelation threatens to tear his parents’ decades long marriage apart.

Does time really heal everything, or are some revelations open a gap too wide to bridge?

This is one family’s emotionally-charged holiday challenge.