The Meditation Journal

By Mary Sheldon and Christopher Stone

As a longtime student, and an occasional teacher, of meditation, I could hardly say “No,” when Mary Sheldon asked me to co-author this journal of guided meditations that Dove Books would publish.

And it was easy creating my half of the twenty-eight Spiritual Growth exercises that comprise this extraordinary volume. Students in my Meditation and Psychic Development classes had already found peace, increased self-understanding, and happiness, using my guided meditations.

And I home tested the fresh exercises that I created for our book. What we lacked was a simple meditation technique that even beginners could use effectively.

I filled that gap by adapting the easy self-hypnosis technique I had created for Re-Creating Your Self, into a foolproof method for basic mediation.

The resulting hardcover book, The Meditation Journal, (Dove Books, 1996), was an instant hit, selling out in Costco and Target stores nationwide, as well as in traditional bookstores.

Two popular sequels, Meditations for the 21st Century, and Meditations on Relationships followed quickly.

So relax and meditate upon your expansive inner self, and then note your experience in this life-enhancing journal.